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Our Health Care Practitioners provide preventive, curative and support implementation of health care, by way of treatment and referral plans.

Our list of Practitioners includes Nursing Sister, Life Coaches, Personal Fitness and Health Trainer and Holistic practitioners.

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Our Services

Home Care
Chromotherapy (Colour Therapy)
AcuDetox Therapy
Energy Healing

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Eyelash Extentions and Everything You Need To Know

If you have ever wanted or thought about getting eyelash extensions this is everything you need to know. The Purpose Everyone has their own reasons but for most it is finally throwing away that mascara that makes you look like you’ve been to a goth concert at the end of the day and for others […]

World Health Day – 7 April 2021

Today is World Health Day. To celebrate, we asked our Practitioners and Therapists what health means to them. This is a time when the world needs as many health tips as it can get. View our Services to find out how you can start improving your health today!

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